Kitchen Design Changes

Kitchen Design Changes

  • Adam Pretorius
  • 12/14/22

Recently Forbes magazine came out with their design shifts expected in 2023’s kitchens. Some I agree with, some I don’t. The big ones are more open shelving over upper cabinets, no appliances over the range (say goodbye microwave above the range), and the farmhouse-style is out (phew)! The biggest trend the last decade and design shows have had on kitchens is adding “DESIGN” back to kitchens. The boring, same cookie-cutter design seen in every home is being scrapped as today’s sophisticated buyer wants a kitchen that’s as stylish as it is functional. A kitchen isn’t just a kitchen, it’s a place for entertaining. With design at the forefront, some utilitarian needs are being sacrificed for design selections. Perhaps design can cure bad habits too such as open shelving, an impractical design but one that forces you to have an organized and tidy kitchen, putting away dishes and buying items that have as much to say as a statement or decorative item as they do as functional dishware or utensil. And the boring built-in microwave above the range once praised for its combo-appliance of a vent fan and microwave as well as space-saver is being outsold by stylish hoods that are the kitchen’s central statement. And finally, the farmhouse-style that spread like wildfire has been overdone to the point it is now just “basic”—so let’s see more character and personality in the 2023 kitchen!

PHOTO: A luxury new build by Elevation Homebuilders showcases a waterfall island, hickory cabinets paired, black cabinet accents including a glass upper display, a hidden walk-in pantry, and a vent hood with the microwave built-in to the cabinets.

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