70’s Décor Returns ♣

70’s Décor Returns ♣

  • Adam Pretorius
  • 09/30/22

Designers from runway fashion to furniture retailers and interior designers are returning the material history of the 1970’s to our homes. Paint companies have begun to unveil their paint palates for the upcoming year; cognacs, burnt orange, rusts and chocolate browns of the ‘70s design as top picks. It’s not just colors, materials from fabrics such as velvet to smoked glass and low—really low—sofas are returning the ‘70s vintage collection. For homes, it’s creating living spaces with a lounge and social-gathering vibe. It includes traditional elements such as wood-paneled walls paired with contemporary items such as glass or metal pieces. It has a feeling of either being a NASA-inspired futuristic habitat or a Studio 54 nightclub atmosphere. It’s that carefree ‘70s attitude that best describes it as a fusion of pop culture and design. It’s a design style with outrageous forms, some to love and some not to. It challenges our design taste but also brings nostalgia. A glamorous, chic and festive time that challenged earlier aesthetics. Cheers to the return of the ‘70s.

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