Inside Look: Engineered Building Design

Inside Look: Engineered Building Design

  • Adam Pretorius
  • 10/28/21

Last winter I reported on the cutting-edge technology Engineered Building Design—out of Washington, Iowa—is employing on residential panelization which allows builders to frame houses in just a few days saving time and, by using new state-of-the-art machinery, also reduces waste but most importantly produces precise, higher-quality framed walls in a factory-controlled environment.

Straight, more-uniform walls and precision measuring also save time for finish-carpenters who put in trim, baseboard, window, and door casements and hang doors after the finish carpenters frame walls. The better the framing, the easier—and better looking—finish carpentry.

Using a skeleton crew of just three workers, I watched a framing crew frame the entire first level and floor truces of a 4,000 sq ft two-story home for a builder client of mine in just a little over a day’s work. Small crews and faster construction time is instrumental during a labor shortage.

I love our local industry professionals bringing new technology to the future of building and the real estate industry. If you haven’t seen the video of owner David Mitchell and operation manager Zach Shephard, be sure to watch it and check it out in the link below.


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