5 Reasons Buyers Prefer New Construction

5 Reasons Buyers Prefer New Construction

  • Adam Pretorius
  • 03/25/21
The pandemic has changed many homebuyers needs but one of the biggest emerging markets is new construction. Here are five reasons buyers are gravitating towards new construction:

1.Low Maintenance Living.

You can’t replicate the craftsmanship of a century-past, but you can avoid being a slave to the household maintenance of older homes. Newer homes have new products with longer-warranties and oh, yah, they’re brand new so they won’t require upgrading and replacing anytime soon!


Though new construction homes often cost more than resales, the gap between resales and new construction prices have shrunk as home inventory has decreased.  New homes also continue to have better capital gains as the prices of new construction continue to rise each year which means you won’t lose money when it comes to resale. And since they’re new—there is less money to invest in remodeling.

3.More Efficient and Comfortable.

Building standards continue to improve and as a result more homes are well-insulated and require less energy for heating and cooling.  New building materials are also long-lasting and have increased durability than materials of the past few decades. New smart home features give homeowners more control over their energy use. These features ultimately save you money by making your home more energy and heat efficient and lower your utility bills.

4.Modern Floor Plans.

Resales are often dark and boxy, a maze of tiny rooms that have you thinking of how to tear down walls and open up spaces. In contrast, new construction homes are being designed for today’s lifestyles with bright and welcoming spaces that are often open floor plans designed for entertaining and an increasing connection to the outdoors.

5.New Trends.

Buying new home means you’re getting all the latest and greatest features and trends from smart home technology to home appliances and the latest trends in interior design. Natural materials are a big trend right now from natural woods to traditional carpentry and earth tones. New construction homes embody contemporary aesthetics and design elements.
Today’s new construction homes offer more benefits than ever before, making them a strong contender in any home search. Depending on what’s important to you, you may find the advantages of a new construction home are exactly for you.

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