Art Deco Revival

Art Deco Revival

  • Adam Pretorius
  • 11/10/22

A destined revival of the art deco décor is trending, or so I am forecasting. And some cracks are already starting to show its return.

Art Deco began in the 1910s and included curved forms and smooth, polished surfaces. Those forms and finishes are already trending and just as the movement was born following the industrial era, we are just exiting the industrial design trend that has been popular over the past few years. It took geometric shapes from the period’s fascination with machinery and combined them with traditional decorative art.

Last month I reported on “maximalism,” a trend for “more is more” and layering decorative patterns. Similarly, Art Deco features luxurious and exotic materials often in very bright colors and patterns of geometry and symmetry.

It was a style that heavily-influenced Hollywood glam and that origin has returned to its roots where Art Deco-styled stores, restaurants and hotels are seeing a resurgence in Los Angeles. Elements of the style can be seen in sci-fi films such as “Blade Runner” which was the inspiration for the new Tesla Cybertruck.

It’s a timeless style that has luxurious and modern appeal. There’s comfort in geometric lines, that familiarity references historicism while also adding glamour and formality to spaces. There’s something romantic in its opulent style, an energy reminiscent of the outrageous flappers’ lifestyle.

PHOTO: Photo the “Gwen” interior in LA. Photo by Wonho Frank Lee.

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