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Adam Pretorius expertly assists graduate students –from dental to medical to law students, and others. Each year he helps make the buying process exciting and rewarding. Regardless of market conditions, real estate has traditionally been one of the best long-term investments people can make. Now as the market has awarded low interest rates, buyers have even greater opportunities and more choices when searching for a home.


Below is a guide to some popular neighborhoods for graduate students throughout the Iowa City area. Convenient from a variety of transportation sources, Iowa City is home to a great diversity of housing neighborhoods and communities. Adam helps you move forward and find your perfect home.

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University Campus

Peninsula Neighborhood

An attractive neighborhood modeled after the historic neighborhoods of America’s late 19th and early 20th century towns, the Peninsula Neighborhood was planned by the city of Iowa City with cooperation and input into its design by local residents. Based on planning principles of the spreading New Urbanism movement first popular on the East and West Coasts in such notable neighborhoods as "Celebration" and "Seaside," it is a pedestrian-friendly community with parks and common areas. Its location near a dog park has also made it a favorite for dog owners. The neighborhood features parks, playgrounds, trails, an upcoming wine bar/restaurant and a coffee/pastry shop, and a community setting. Being on the Downtown/Manville Heights bus route as well as having convenient access to interstate highways have made the neighborhood popular with commuting families, graduate students, faculty, health and legal professionals and university staff. Low maintenance options including snow removal and lawn care have made the neighborhood ideal for busy owners.


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Mackinaw Village

Located just before the Peninsula Neighborhood and across from the Elks Club and Golf Course, different housing types from condominiums to townhomes to single-family homes offer a variety of  options in different price ranges.

Ranier Area

Since the late 1990's, Ranier Drive in Mormon Trek Village has been a popular choice for medical and dental students. Located off Rohret Rd. and Mormon Trek Blvd., this west-side neighborhood has convenient access to the University Hospitals and west campus. Primarily consisting of duplexes and townhomes, and some condominium buildings, this area offers a number of living-space options.

West Side Drive

This west-side neighborhood began in the early 1990's and has easy access to Highway 1 and the University campus west of the Iowa River. It quickly became a popular choice among graduate students studying on the west campus. With options from condominiums to townhomes, the neighborhood has remained a popular choice to students for the past two decades.

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These are neighborhoods with which we are most experienced, but we assist clients throughout the area market including, but not limited to, Iowa City, Coralville, North Liberty, West Liberty, and Solon


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